Almay Commercial: What is the American look?

What is the Almay Commercial saying about Korean skincare regime?

Almay recently went to market with a commercial for a “one stop shop” makeup foundation. The focus of the Almay commercial questions why we should spend “so much time, effort and money on a morning ritual.” The better alternative is to use the Age Essentials Multi-Benefit Makeup. The commercial also features the tag line “The American Look.”

Our thoughts

This reminds us of a major consumer product: American cars vs. imported cars and the quality/need makers bring to consumers. There’s a reason why the Toyota Corolla is the #1 car sold in the US for the past 14 years. While Almay’s marketing team may wanted to ignite the American way mentality, it seems as though they forgot that in reality, the average Korean/Japanese person has far better skin than an average American person. They engage in skincare routines at an earlier age and their technology is much more advanced and effective.

Formulas like snail slime and jeju are used in popular Korean products while we’re still trying to advanced the well known aloe vera plant. They’ve also been very successful at creating products to solve specific skin problems. The multi-step concept was created to cater to different skin types with very specific problems. Each product has a purpose and sequence that makes sense for the product before and after it.

Final thoughts

Hands down, the Asian skincare regime yields much better skin results than the American way. Sorry Almay, this commercial will lead to lost market share, angry believers of multi-step routines and a poor perception about this new product. The truth is, there is no one step solution to this complicated problem.

Check it out for yourself.

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