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We love Elf Cosmetics not only because it’s affordable, but also because they are great quality. Below are some of our favorite Elf Cosmetics best seller products that we’ve tried in various ways. We’ll tell you why we are so in love with one of this year’s most coveted beauty brands. They’re challenging mainstream, high priced cosmetic beauty brands by appealing to middle to lower class women. Their message is that good quality makeup doesn’t need to be pricey. Furthermore, Consumers can buy lower priced makeup products and not worry about questionable ingredients. See our best seller to go’s below:

Elf Cosmetics Best Seller #1: High Definition Powder

Elf Cosmetics Best Seller - $6.00 Elf High Definition Powder in Shimmer

This is a translucent, shimmer powder that is applied on last to create a glowing finish. The powder can be worn by itself and will provide minimal coverage, but is best used after a foundation or tinted moisturizer. As this is in loose powder form, it can be used daily and will not clog the skin.

Elf Cosmetics Best Seller #2: Makeup Mist & Set

Elf Cosmetics Best Seller - $3.00 Elf Makeup Mist and Set

An after mist product is made to help set your makeup so it will last the entire day. Furthermore, Elf created this makeup setting mist with a few things in mind: moisture, function and affordability.  This product includes ingredients like aloe vera, green tea and vitamin C to provide nutrients to your skin. As a result, your skin feels moisturized and fresh while your makeup lasts all day.

Elf Cosmetics Best Seller #3: Illuminating Palette 


Elf Cosmetics Best Seller - $6 Illuminating Palette

This contouring kit is their #1 selling item this year. The palette features 4 different shades of shadow and highlight with a touch of shimmer to create a glowing look. We love this product most of all for its long lasting pigment. Finally, a kit that is made for a range of skin tones!

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