How Does Ebates work?

Why you should shop through Ebates

Do you wonder how it feels like to save money on most of your retail purchases? I’m sure this has never passed your mind. Well, start thinking about it because it’s possible! Ebates is a cash rebate program (much like Honey and other programs out there) that operates off of an affiliate revenue share model. What is that you ask? Allow me to elaborate:

If Bloomingdales is willing to profit share 8% of the order sub-total with “publishers” that send people to their website, Ebates will profit share with the buyer. Instead of sharing all 8%, they may offer 4% cash back for the buyer. That gives the buyer a 4% discount and Ebates will get a 4% commission just by being an online concierge for someone looking for a new dress.

It’s mind boggling, I know. Their program pays once a quarter or every 3 months. The key thing to this program is to click the “Shop Now” button through their page first before you buy your items online. They also have a referral program (which we love) that gives the referee $10 when they first sign up! Still not convinced? Read more about it here or sign up and get $10 in your account!

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