When Do Korean Beauty Products Expire?

How to tell when Korean Beauty Products expire

One of the first lessons we learned is how to tell when Korean beauty products expire. Below is a quick tutorial on how to do this and how long to keep your products before it’s expired.

How to keep track 

We recommend writing the expiration dates onto the bottle/jar (after opened) with a permanent ink pen. This will help remind you when your products will expired.

How long to keep what

Here is a chart of the normal shelf life of Korean beauty products. This table outlines product lines and types along with open and unopened shelf life.

Makeup Lipstick, Lip gloss 30 Months/2.5 Years 6-18 Months
Mascara, Eyeliner 24 Months/2 Years 6 Months
Foundation, Eyeshadow, Blush, Concealer, Primer/Base 36 Months/3 Years 12 Months/1 Year
Face Powder or Powder Foundation 60 Months/5 Years 36 Months/3 Years
Skincare Moisturizers, Toners, Essences, Eye Creams, Sunscreens/Sunblock, Serums 30 Months/2.5 Years 12 Months/1 Year
Cleaners Foam Cleansers, Cream Cleansers, Face Oils, Exfoliants, Face Wipes 30 Months/2.5 Years 12 Months/1 Year
Packs Sheet Masks 12 Months/1 Year Use Immediately
Wash-Off Masks 30 Months/2.5 Years 12 Months/1 Year


Symbols, Date Formats and more

Korean products generally show 3 different symbols – Manufacturing date, Expiration date and Use By date.

제조 – Manufactured Date: When it was manufactured so consumers feel like they’ve received a fresh product batch
까지 – Expiration Date: Use before this date
제조일 – Use By Date: Use by this date

Manufactured date with expiration date is designed to help consumers know when the product was made so they can gauge how “fresh” their product is. Apply the product shelf life above to the corresponding dates (unopened/opened shelf life to Manufactured date) and use expiration date as the last date of usage whether it’s opened or not.

Recommended Shelf Life Icon

This is a small “jar” icon with a number next to an M (representing MONTHS). This is the recommended shelf life after you’ve opened the product.

korean beauty products expire

Where can you find these dates? 
  • Tubes: Embossed at the bottom (opposite of opening) of the tube
  • Sheet Mask: Inked on the back
  • Jars/Bottles: Inked on the box or bottom of the product

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