MAC Nutcracker Sweet Event: Nov 25th-27th

Another MAC Nutcracker Sweet Event!

If you missed the first MAC Nutcracker Sweet Event, here’s your chance to attend the event. The flagship, Powell St. store is holding a second event on November 25th-27th.

mac nutcracker sweet

The event features in store performers in outrageous costume and equally amazing makeup.  MAC Cosmetics newest collection, Nutcracker Sweet, focuses on bright, highly pigmented eyes and lip colors. Furthermore, the adorable product designs is fun and playful, a great additional to anyone’s makeup bag!

We scoured the internet for pictures from other MAC Nutcracker Sweet events and looks like a great time! Check it out:

Performers at the event, picture from Nicole Voris

Image from Total Orlando

Awesome angle of the collection from Giuliana Arcarese

This image is from Beth Ann Robinson


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