Video: What’s in a “hair”?

Buzzfeed found a new way to challenge the standard expectations of the modern day woman by challenging 4 brave ladies to a 30 day, no facial hair removal challenge. While on the surface this challenge seemed fairly easy to do: don’t shave, pluck or remove any of your unwanted facial hair for 30 days, the ladies realized they were having more of a hard time with it week over week. The main issue? PERCEPTION. One can go further to say that it would what they think/feel about other people’s perception towards them were much more important than how they felt themselves about the challenge. They expressed feelings of self consciousness, feeling hideous and even connecting the amount of facial hair they have to their work ethic. This is probably not shocking, but we care too much about things that don’t say much about us and care too little about things that say a lot about us. To end this post: let it grow, let it grow, don’t hold back anymore!

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